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Way to keep my mind off things!

Holy Crabs! I might actually learn something today. Eh... who am I kidding. I'm just doing a research paper for class. Who, if anyone, has learned anything from copying and pasting writing a research paper? Either way, the idea of it all has me all excited and giddy, like an eleven year old girl at a Hannah Montana concert (I might even be a rock star).

Regardless of the sarcastic undertones, I really am excited to be doing this. I haven't done a research paper in who-knows-how-long! Besides, doing this work keeps my mind off the impending, inevitable fight of doom my boyfriend and I have coming; the twelve-hundred dollars I found out I owe DeVry; sending my cat to kitty prison (a very nice, humane kitty prison); and the world ending in 2012! So, off to the library I go... my laptop is coming with me as well.