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Cats & Dolphins

You know, I find it interesting how work is teaching me more and more about my cat and being a pet owner. I guess it's just an unexpected side effect of working with animals and animal trainers all day. In the dolphin interactions, they often speak about how they train the dolphins so you pick up a lot of things from that but nothing really puts it all together like watching them in action. Just seeing how they handle the dolphins on a day to day basis teaches you a lot. Then you have days like today where they're actively training really difficult behaviors.

To my surprise, they have a dolphin named Roxy in the pool I work in. I had never seen her since she stopped doing interactions long before I started working there. Well, now, they're trying to bring her back into the routine of doing daily interactions with strangers and just watching them train her... well, I have a lot of respect for the trainers. It also helped me figure out how I'm going to deal with Dusty, my cat. It's going to take a lot of time and patience, but it will be worth it.